Sports Rehab

Sports injury is a specialized sector of physiotherapy. Sports injuries often occur due to biomechanical errors such as poor running techniques or incorrect position while performing certain activities. They can often be highly complex and multi-faceted in nature. Therefore, precise diagnosis and appropriate management & treatment require considerable experience. The comprehensive knowledge of sports and determining demands & mechanisms of various sports are among necessary requirements of physiotherapists.

Our specialist sports physiotherapists are trained to identify and rectify these errors. They also review the training modules and offer advice to ensure there is no element in the training that leads to the injury.


One of the most common injuries taking place in sports is ankle injury. The ankle joint is comprised of four bones that come together and keeps it stable. Ligaments that are made of fibrous and strong tissues enhance stability of the joint. They also make the movement smoother and restrict the joint from moving too much.

Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries occurs during the sports activities. These activities include turning, jumping, and twisting movements and instant changes in direction and swift movements in sports such as soccer, tennis, and hockey makes the ankle vulnerable to sprains.

Other common ankle injuries include:

  • Sprains
  • Stress Fractures
  • Achilles Tendonitis 

Physiotherapists in Pune and pan India have become competent in examining the ankle and determine the type and severity of injury. At Nexus, we offer appropriate treatments to speed up healing and recovery of ankle injuries. Moreover, an extensive rehabilitation program lowers the chance of the injury. Rehabilitation programs including balance, stretching, strengthening, flexibility, and sport specific exercises will be suggested. However, taping or bracing the ankle may be prescribed to give additional support until a full recovery of normal function.

Our specialist sports physiotherapists have spent many years in refining and updating their skills to become specialists in the treatment of sports injuries. They are also happy to work closely with an athlete’s coach, nutritionists, sports medicine doctors, and strength & conditioning coaches.

At Nexus, we offer high level personalized athletic rehab protocols for optimal performance and early recovery to help athletes return to their sports. Your search for the best physiotherapist in Pune ends here. Visit our physiotherapy clinic in Baner and recover with vitality and freshness.