Gynecological Rehab

Maintaining health and quality of life during the phase of pregnancy is essential for a healthy child. We, at Nexus, understand that pregnant women should be cared individually as there are variations in individuals and their habits. We offer the best exercise protocol and ensure women maintain their health.

Pre & Post pregnancy exercise protocol

Pregnant women who have been exercising would be advised to modify their exercises based on physiological changes in pre-pregnancy stage. However, women who were not exercising need to begin with low levels of exercise and improve gradually. Moreover, issues related to pregnancy will be dealt with best advice and protocol. Our experienced physiotherapist would examine the post-natal health and suggest exercise and recommend guidelines depending upon it.

Pregnancy related pain management

Throughout pregnancy, different physiological and anatomic changes take place in the body. These changes may lead to pain. We, at Nexus, examine patients thoroughly and offer treatment. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and specialized professionals. An effective pain management plan will be devised and faster recovery will be enabled.

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