Post-surgical Rehab

Post-surgical Rehab


Physiotherapy after surgery

The post-operative physiotherapy protocol plays a crucial role in achieving the desired results following the surgery. Physiotherapists are familiar with the different and unique protocols that need to be followed by patients and design the program based on individual circumstances. Specifically, post-operative physiotherapy takes place in three phases, the early recovery phase, the strength & range of motion phase, and the functional restoration phase.

Early Recovery Phase

This phase starts as soon as the patient gets a discharge from the surgery and need to be conducted until tissues are fully healed, the swelling is dissipated, and the pain is relieved. During this period, physiotherapists are focused on the following:

  • Relief of pain
  • Lowering the swelling
  • Individual therapy for regaining joint motion
  • Assisting with walking as early as possible
  • Prescription of gait aids such as walkers or canes along with instructions on their proper use
  • Easy and simple exercises to be performed to regain muscle function without disruption in healing

    Strength and Range of Motion Phase

    After reaching the particular targets and eliminating pain & swelling after the surgery, the physiotherapy program will be focused on normalization of the range of movements, mechanics, and strength of the body parts. During this time, your post-op physiotherapy program will likely include:

  • Strength exercises with more intensity
  • Beginning of few balance and proprioception tasks
  • More intense manual therapy to regain full joint motions
  • Soft tissue treatment to regain full mobility
  • Functional Restoration Phase

    When the surgical area gains enough strength to perform complex exercises safely, then we opt for the functional restoration phase of post-op physiotherapy program. Depending on the personal requirement, physiotherapists at Nexus design physiotherapy program of each patient to meet their physical targets. During this period, the following exercises are followed:

  • High intensity exercises to reach a complex functional goal
  • More intense and complex balance and proprioception exercises
  • Matrix Therapy for regaining full joint motion (if not already achieved)

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