Electro-combo Therapy

Electro-combo therapy

The combination therapies in physiology have been offering various benefits to patients such as saving time. The electro-combo therapy at Nexus helps patients in faster healing of damaged or injured muscles and tissues. Various therapies have been combined for relieving pain. Electrical muscle stimulation, interferential therapy (IMF), and ultrasound therapies are combined. The electrical muscle stimulation is carried out to send an electric signal to injured muscles and tissues to activate the pain-relieving system in the body. In IMF, low-frequency stimulations are sent for the healing of damaged tissues. However, ultrasound creates sound waves that travel into soft tissues and enhances circulation in those areas to relax and heal them. The combination of these therapies helps in improving the efficiency of the treatment, following the proper planning.

S-D Curve

Currents available

  • S-D Curve
  • IFC T (Interferential – 4 Pole)
  • IFC T (Interferential – Premodulated – 2 Pole)
  • Russian
  • Interrupted Galvanic
  • Iontophoresis
  • Applications

  • Stimulation of muscles
  • Pain management
  • Functional electrical stimulation
  • Phasic & tonic muscle workout
  • Pain management

    We, at Nexus, use the state-of-the-art equipment combined with wide experience in usage of equipment to plan the treatment and relieve pain or damage through electro-combo therapy. Experienced physiotherapists are available to provide best-in-class care and treatment. Book an appointment and end the search for the best physiotherapist near me.