Benefits of Matrix Therapy

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Matrix therapy was invented by Dr. U. G. Randoll in Germany based on his research in cell biology. Human cells were found to be pulsating at the frequency of 8–12 Hz when humans are healthy. However, when health conditions get worse, this frequency drops. Matrix therapy can restore the frequency to normal condition and the cell system can be reinstated to normal. The cellular rhythm of the injured body part is restored and oxygenated blood is circulated. Moreover, this therapy relaxes muscles and improves healing. Matrix therapy offers faster recovery time as compared to traditional treatments. There are various benefits of matrix therapy:

Matrix therapy activates metabolism and immune system. Neuromuscular activation is carried out through the reflex arcs. With this therapy, relaxation of local muscular spasms can be achieved. In terms of chemical benefits, the tissue temperature can be restored to normal tissue if it is damaged. The interstitial pH value can be regulated and viscosity can be lowered. Matrix therapy speeds up the thixotropic reaction from gel to the fluid.

Matrix therapy reduces absorption of tissue fluid and strengthens resonance of muscles. The colloid osmotic tissue tonus is restored and mechanical-magnetic coherence is improved. Moreover, it triggers the ‘direct piezoelectric effect’ and ‘indirect piezoelectric effect’. Through adaptation of resonance spectrum, a good resonance in the body is achieved. The modulating frequency and amplitude establish the elasticity of the musculature.

Sports athletes can benefit from matrix therapy to recover from injuries or deal with pain. This therapy can regulate muscle tone, help in recovering from muscle tears, cramps, and sprains faster, and enable rapid recovery from injuries of ligaments, tendons, and rotator cuff. On the other hand, gynecological conditions such as pre-menstrual syndromes and urinary retention. Lymphatic and venous flows are sped up and contraction residues are eliminated.

There are a variety of benefits in dealing with various orthopedic conditions. Matrix therapy provides relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain. It improves stretchability and flexibility in the cases of adhesions, scar tissue, posture damage, and others. It is helpful in post-surgical rehab in faster recovery after shoulder and ligament surgeries. The nerve regeneration in cases of different syndromes can be fastened. It eases up acute and chronic pain occurring due to muscle pull, nerve injury, and ligament strain. This therapy is effective in offering faster mobility after suffering from accidents or undergoing operations. Moreover, spasticity and tightness can be reduced in people suffering from neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy.

Matrix therapy is safe for all groups and it works even if there is an orthopedic implant in the body. Trained physiotherapists in Pune will provide the best therapy with optimum benefits. Patients need to inform about the history of health conditions in detail along with insights on medications taken before undergoing the therapy. At Nexus, experienced physiotherapists offer ZRT Matrix Therapy to help you in rapid recovery. Book an appointment and avail benefits from the best physiotherapists in Pune.

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